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A subscription to BRE Connect Online gives full text access for one year to over 1700 past and present BRE titles via the Construction Information Service produced by IHS BRE Press.

By joining BRE Connect Online you will also get access to abstracts from 27,000 documents from 500 other publishers and up to 30% off IHS BRE Press titles in hard copy (when ordered direct from IHS BRE Press)

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Spending hours searching for construction information? You don't need to

BRE Connect Online is an expert knowledge tool that delivers key technical information critical to the construction market. Fully searchable, intelligently classified and constantly updated, it's an indispensable source of key information for the construction professional.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Fast access to critical information delivered by a powerful and intuitive search engine
  • Supports every stage in the construction lifecycle - from concept and feasibility, through design and construction, to operation and ongoing uses
  • Information for professionals working in architecture, planning and development, surveying, engineering, landscape, building control, building specification, construction management, building and civil engineering

    For more information or to register for a 30-day free trial account, phone the sales office at IHS BRE Press on 01344 328038.