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Control of dust from construction and demolition activities

Control of dust from construction and demolition activities

by V Kukadia, S Upton, D Hall (12-Mar-2003)


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This publication deals with the common and well-recognised problem of control of nuisance dust emissions from construction and civil engineering activities. Fine particles can be carried from sites even in light winds and may have an adverse effect on the local environment and on the health of local residents, as well as those working on site. It indicates how dust and fine particle generation from construction and demolition activities can be substantially reduced. Dust control measures are outlined for specific processes (such as the movement of vehicles and construction plant, materials handling and storage, cutting, grinding, grouting, grit blasting, concrete batching and pouring), and advice is also given on pre-project planning, implementation and site management - together with checklists for use by all sizes and types of construction activity. 53 pages.
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