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Wood-based panels: particleboard (chipboard)  <B> (Downloadable version)</B>

Wood-based panels: particleboard (chipboard) (Downloadable version)

by J M Dinwoodie, V Enjily (11-Aug-2003)

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About 2 million cubic metres of particleboard (chipboard) are consumed each year in building applications in the UK. This Digest describes this established product and provides guidance on its use, especially so in the selection and specification of the numerous grades in accordance with the European Standard EN 312. It demonstrates how mandatory compliance with the Construction Products Directive can be achieved by using the new European Harmonised Standard (EN 13986) when the product is used in construction within Europe. When particleboard is used for structural applications (eg flooring or roof decking), specific grades must be used. Structural design is in a transitional phase, during which the former British system involving permissible stress design and the new European system based on ultimate limit state analysis are both currently permitted. This Digest explains how to use each method, but warns that the deemed-to-satisfy tables included in BS 7916 must not be used after March 2004. 8 pages.
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