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Contaminated land: ingress of organic vapours into buildings  <br><b>Downloadable version</b>

ARCHIVED - Contaminated land: ingress of organic vapours into buildings
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by D Crump (17-Feb-2004)

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Whilst this publication can still be purchased some of the information in it has been superseded by more recent research and standards. The BRE Group does not accept any responsibility whatsoever for any loss or damage, including - without limitation - indirect or consequential loss or damage arising from use, or loss of use, of data or profits arising out of, or in connection with, the use of this document.

Contaminants in the ground may be a health risk for users of the site and adjacent land. One pathway that could expose people to organic vapour contaminants is from the ground into the air within buildings. For existing uses of land, legislation requires a risk-based approach to evaluate any significant pollutant linkage and sets a framework for remediation to break any such linkage. The principles of risk assessment applied are also appropriate to manage contamination issues for new developments. Much guidance about managing the risks associated with contaminated land has been produced by DEFRA, the Environment Agency and other
organisations. This Digest contains the main sources of information and gives examples of using risk assessment tools and measuring air pollutants that are applicable to evaluating and controlling risks due to the ingress of organic vapours from the ground into buildings. It describes the technical risks and financial risks that are important to any development or remediation project. 8 pages.

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