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Understanding dampness - effects, causes, diagnosis and remedies (BR 466)

Understanding dampness - effects, causes, diagnosis and remedies (BR 466)

by P Trotman, C Sanders, H Harrison (26-Apr-2004)


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Book Description

Dampness is a continuing cause of distress to building occupants. It is possibly a source of or a contributor to illness, and it encourages deterioration in the fabric of a building. Despite all the technical advice that has been published in the past there is still a significant set of problems. This book seeks to address them.

With an emphasis on existing buildings and some coverage of the design of new build, this publication lists the causes of dampness and explores its effects. It also provides remedial measures.

Topics covered include: Visible and hidden effects of dampness; Measuring moisture; Condensation; Rain penetration; Rising damp and more.

A highly useful reference for surveyors, architects, builders, facilities managers and students of those professions. 224 pages.

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