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Non-traditional houses - identifying non-traditional houses in the UK 1918-75

Non-traditional houses - identifying non-traditional houses in the UK 1918-75

by H Harrison, S Mullin, B Reeves, A Stevens (20-Oct-2004)


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Book Description

This publication has been replaced by AP 294, which is a CD only publication and available to buy from 30th September 2012

Book plus a search engine on a CD-ROM.

A wealth of information and advice from the leading experts is brought together in this comprehensive and highly illustrated reference on non-traditional houses. Presented with exceptional clarity, the book provides the building surveyor, engineer and architect with a unique practical resource. It details 450 house types classified by form of construction: metal framed, precast concrete, in-situ concrete and timber framed. For each house type there is an isometric drawing that provides a clear explanation of the construction detail.

Brief notes for surveyors are given for those housing systems investigated by BRE - more detailed information for some of these is given in the structural condition reports on the non-traditional housing CD .

For other systems the surveyor is directed to BRE’s general guidance on the inspection and assessment of the various types of dwelling. 992 pages

Extensive background information and an invaluable search tool are included on a CD ROM.
This database can help surveyors identify houses by type, local authority area, construction class, identifying characteristics, or combination of these.

The CD also includes 6 government reports on prefabrication and system building: the Burt Committee 1st, 2nd and 3rd reports (1940s), the Moir Committee report (1920), The corrosion of steel in steel houses: an examination of the corrosion of steelwork in steel-clad and steel-framed houses (1951), and Prefabrication: a history of its development in Great Britain, by R.B. White. (1965)

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