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Achieving whole life value in infrastructure and buildings <B>DOWNLOAD</B>

Achieving whole life value in infrastructure and buildings DOWNLOAD

by Kathryn Bourke, Dr Vijay Ramdas, Shillpa Singh, Andy Green, Andrew Crudgington, Dr Das Mootanah (08-Feb-2005)

Book Description

This guide has been developed by experts to give stakeholders the means to unlocking Whole Life Value in infrastructure and building projects. It provides a clear understanding of the concepts and principles underlying the use and application of Whole Life Value. It considers key questions such as:
● What is Whole Life Value?
● Why think Whole Life Value?
● Who are the stakeholders?
● When should Whole Life Value be considered?
● How can Whole life Value be achieved?

The guide explains methods, techniques and tools to achieve Whole Life Value in planning, commissioning and maintaining assets such as schools, offices, highways and repair and maintenance schemes. The importance of considering the needs of a broader range of
stakeholders than just those involved in the immediate decision-making process is also emphasised.
The guide will help stakeholders select appropriate tools and challenge the barriers on how Whole Life Value is
achieved in infrastructure and buildings.

It includes four case studies, illustrating the application of WLV principles on a selection of projects:
A value-based selection methodology for products and services for Home Group Ltd;
Value for money from the Highways Agency - identifying the most cost-effective maintenance strategies, taking into account disruption caused by road works;
The A303 Stonehenge Improvement - assessing various options for a bored tunnel;
Whole Life Value profiling - building new schools under a PFI project.

Annex 1 lists Key Whole Life Value drivers in the public sector - organisations, policy initiatives and procurement rules;
Annex 2 lists publications, software, websites, and other tools that can help in achieving WLV.

60 Pages.

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