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Concretes with high ggbs contents for use in hard/firm secant piling.  <B>(DOWNLOAD)</B>

Concretes with high ggbs contents for use in hard/firm secant piling. (DOWNLOAD)

by K Quillin, P J Nixon, J D Matthews, T I Longworth. (14-Dec-2005)

Book Description

This Information Paper provides
guidance on the design of low-strength
concrete mixes for use in firm female
secant piles. Concretes made using very
high levels of ground granulated
blastfurnace slag (ggbs) have a
successful track record for constructing
female secant piles, and provide
early-age properties that allow the piling
operations to be carried out. However,
mixes containing more than 80% ggbs
are not covered in BRE Special Digest
1:2005. This Paper builds on laboratory
and field data to provide guidance on
concrete mixes with 80-95% ggbs for use
in the different chemical environments
classified in SD1:2005. 6 pages.

Secant piling
Materials selection for hard/firm secant piles
BRE Special Digest 1 - Concrete in aggressive ground (2005 edition)
Recommendations (to supplement SD1:2005) for concretes for use in firm/hard secant piles
Background to recommendations (results of laboratory tests)
List of references

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