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Modified wood - an introduction to products in UK construction  <B>(Downloadable version)</B>

Modified wood - an introduction to products in UK construction (Downloadable version)

by Ed Suttie (16-Oct-2007)

Book Description

Modified wood products add to the architect's and design engineer's resources by offering aesthetically pleasing materials with enhanced performance characteristics that extend maintenance intervals and hence add value for the building owner. This Digest reviews the modified wood products that are already being used in the UK construction market and the technologies that create them. It discusses the future for modified wood products, particularly in cladding, decking and flooring for domestic and commercial buildings. 12 pages.

  • What is modified wood?
  • Wood as a construction material
  • Overview of European and national regulatory regime
  • Wood product durability
    - Natural durability
    - Enhanced durability
      Wood preservation, Wood modification and Wood coating systems

    - Durability properties of materials
    - Durability properties of products

  • Modified wood in UK construction
    Thermal modification
    - Products
    Chemical modification
    - Products
    - Products
  • Barriers and opportunities
  • Specification of modified wood products
  • Environment and sustainability
  • Looking to the future
  • Conclusions
  • References, further reading and further information
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