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The green guide to housing specification

The green guide to housing specification

by J Anderson, N Howard (01-Apr-2000)


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Book Description

This publication is subsumed within and superceded by "The Green Guide to Specification (4th edition)." Although this publication will remain in-print for some time (to support existing assessment schemes that use this edition), the status of this publication is now obsolete/superceded.

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The Green Guide to Specification (4th edition)

This third version of The Green Guide contains over 150 specifications commonly used in housing. The guide contains typical wall, roof, floor and other constructions listed against a simple environmental rating scale running from A (good) to C (poor). Twelve different environmental impacts are individually scored, together with an overall Summary Rating, information on recycling and typical costs. The Summary Ratings enable users to select materials and components on their overall environmental performance over the building's life. Because ratings are also given for individual environmental issues such as climate change, the specifier can alternatively select materials and components on the basis of personal or organisational preferences or priorities, or take specification decisions based on the performance of a material against a particular environmental parameter. 45 pages.

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