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Reports on CD-ROM: June 96

Reports on CD-ROM: June 96


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BR276 Long-term field trials on preserved timber in ground contact (revised to 1993)
BR277 The performance and costs-in-use of buildings: a new approach
BR279 Sulphate and acid attack on concrete in the ground: recommended procedures for soil analysis
BR280 Double-glazing units: a BRE guide to improved durability
BR281 Positive pressurisation: a BRE guide to radon remedial measures in existing dwellings
BR282 Timber frame housing 1920-1975: inspection and assessment
BR283 Timber frame housing systems built in the UK 1920-1965
BR284 Timber frame housing systems built in the UK 1966-1975
BR286 Polymeric anti-corrosion coatings for protection of materials in contaminated land
BR287 A questionnaire for studies of sick building syndrome: a report to The Royal Society of Health Advisory Group on sick building syndrome
BR289 Building regulation and health
BR290 Building regulation and safety
BR291 Bibliography of case studies on contaminated land: investigation, remediation and redevelopment
BR293 Radon in the workplace
BR298 Time-dependent modelling of soil gas movement: a literature review
BR304 Effects of moisture in porous masonry: overview of literature
BR305 Designing with innovative daylighting
BR306 The thaumasite form of sulfate attack in laboratory-prepared concretes
BR307 The thaumasite form of sulfate attack in limestone-filled cement mortars
BR308 Alternating tread stairs
BR309 Potential health risks associated with expansion vessels in hot water installations
EP30 Building with Europe: construction industry guide to EC R&D Price includes VAT