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Housing for people with sight loss. <B>(Downloadable version)</B>

Housing for people with sight loss. (Downloadable version)

by Thomas Pocklington Trust & Habinteg Housing Association (29-Apr-2008)

Book Description

  • Detailed guidance on layout and features of homes for people with sight loss, including older people
  • Gives detailed guidance on lighting for homes of people with sight loss
  • Covers inclusive design principles for lifetime homes
This guide provides good practice guidance for architects, designers and housing practitioners in the development of inclusive domestic environments that meet the requirements of people with sight loss. The emphasis is on maximising functional vision and minimising barriers and risk by achieving specific design and specification requirements. It is based on research commissioned by Thomas Pocklington Trust into the needs, experiences, and choices for people with sight loss within their home environment. A4 format. 120 pages.

Designing for people with sight loss
Section 1: External areas
- Public and communal areas outside plot boundaries
- Private areas within plot boundaries for houses or blocks of flats
Section 2: Functional spaces
- Entrances to individual dwellings
- Hallways and circulation areas
- Living areas
- Kitchens
- Bathrooms and WCs
- Bedrooms
Section 3: General services and components
- Windows
- Heating systems and general plumbing
- Electrical (excluding lighting)
- Internal lighting
- Surface finishes and their contrasts
Section 4: Communal areas
- Communal facilities
Appendices: Contrast requirements; Table of recommended task lighting illuminances; Table of recommended illuminances at the floor of each room; Glossary
References and further reading
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