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Sustainability through planning - Local authority use of BREEAM, EcoHomes and the Code for Sustainable Homes <B>(Downloadable version)</B>

Sustainability through planning - Local authority use of BREEAM, EcoHomes and the Code for Sustainable Homes (Downloadable version)

by Josephine Prior and Claire Williams (07-May-2008)

Book Description

  • A guide through the maze of planning legislation and policies that influence the achievement of sustainability targets

This report shows how the BRE Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM), EcoHomes and the Code for Sustainable Homes are being used by local authorities to deliver their sustainable development objectives through the planning system. It includes results of a survey of over 200 local authorities across England, and the outputs from a workshop involving 50 local authority planners and others involved in strategic development.

Case studies from eight local authorities illustrate the wide range of approaches being taken to overcome the barriers to sustainable development. There are clearly many concerns within local authorities trying to deliver sustainable development, and the report identifies a need for more clarity in policy relating to sustainability and the strengthening of some requirements, particularly building regulations. 48 pages.

Changes to the planning system
Sustainable development, policies and regulation
What are BREEAM, EcoHomes and the Code for Sustainable Homes?
How can BREEAM help?
Sustainability checklists and GreenPrint
- Regional sustainability checklists for developments
- BREEAM for Developments
- GreenPrint
Potential barriers to success
Analysis of local authority use of BREEAM
Case studies (Hastings Borough Council, Leeds City Centre proposed area action plan, Manchester City Council supplementary planning document, South Gloucestershire District Council, South Hams District Council adopted core strategy, Wycombe District Council draft supplementary planning document, Wigan Council supplementary planning document, Woking Borough Council wins Beacon status)
The Workshop 'Sustainability through planning'
Recommendations for further action
Related legislation
Government consultation documents
Further reading
Acronyms and glossary of terms
Appendix 1: Note of the Workshop held at BRE on 17 July 2007
Discussion and conclusion
23 tables of Information
Appendix 2: Living within our limits: Reducing the environmental footprint of new development in the Wycombe area. A draft supplementary planning document.
Appendix 3: South Gloucestershire Council experience of using BREEAM

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