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An introduction to intelligent buildings (2-part set)

An introduction to intelligent buildings (2-part set)

by J G Holden (01-Dec-2008)


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Book Description

This two-part Information Paper provides an introduction to intelligent buildings. The first part gives an overview of the potential benefits, the technologies, potential applications and how these are delivered, and explains some of the jargon used; the second part outlines some of the relevant legislation and summarises essential points to consider when designing intelligent buildings.

Pages: 12

Format: A4

Illustrations: 7 photos

What is an intelligent building?
Potential benefits of intelligent buildings
Intelligent building technologies
- Communications network (Communications protocol)
- Sensors and actuators
- Building systems (Energy use, Environmental control, Communications, Security and access control, Life-safety systems, Systems monitoring and maintenance, Lifts and escalators)
Appendix A: The jargon of intelligent buildings
Legislation and regulatory requirements
- Life safety
- Energy performance
- Waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) regulations
Intelligent building = sustainable building?
Why arent all new buildings intelligent?
Getting things right
- Planning
- Flexibility
- Sustainability
- Management
- Maintenance
- Assessment
- Differentiation