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Safe and secure town centres at night: An introduction to the BRE toolkit<br>(IP 10/08) <b>DOWNLOAD</b>

Safe and secure town centres at night: An introduction to the BRE toolkit

by S Monahan (18-Oct-2008)

Book Description

This Information Paper outlines a method of assessing the management of town centres at night. It introduces a tool that has been developed by BRE to provide a comprehensive coverage of all the issues involved in alcohol-related violence and disorder. The Paper summarises the categories contained in the toolkit and explains how they can be used by stakeholders in their decision-making processes to reduce crime and disorder in the night-time economy.

Pages: 12

Format: A4

Illustrations: 11 photos

The toolkit
- The categories
1 Partnership working
2 Data and information sharing
3 Licensed premises
4 Policing strategies
5 Capable guardians and street welfare
7 Lighting
8 Underage drinking 9 Transport
10 Offenders and victims
11 Visual cues in the town centre
12 Fast-food outlets
13 Access routes and space allocation
- The weightings
Box 1: Example of one of the case studies
Box 2: Example of one of the categories

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