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WITHDRAWN Radon protection for new dwellings: Avoiding problems and getting it right!<br><b>DOWNLOAD</b>

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WITHDRAWN Radon protection for new dwellings: Avoiding problems and getting it right!
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This Good Building Guide gives practical advice and guidance on the successful installation of radon-protective measures in new dwellings. In recent BRE studies an increasing number of new homes built with radon-protective measures are being tested and found to have elevated indoor radon levels. This Guide will help designers, site managers, building control authorities and site operatives to ensure that radon-protection measures work. It should be read in conjunction with BRE Report BR 211 (2007) Radon: guidance on protective measures for new buildings. Two other Good Building Guides cover radon-protective measures for new extensions and conservatories (GBG 73) and larger buildings (GBG 75).

Pages: 8

Format: A4

Illustrations: 5 line drawings, 6 photos

What is radon and why consider it within new dwellings?
Background to solving the problem
Requirements for protective measures
Radon is everyone’s problem
Avoiding problems and getting it right
- Radon barriers (Barrier materials, Cavity protection, Lapping and sealing of membranes and trays, Continuity of barriers through internal walls, Service penetrations) - Radon sumps
- Underfloor ventilation
- Type of floor construction (Sealing around service penetrations in beam-and-block floors, Laying the radon barrier for an in-situ concrete floor)
- Protection of the completed radon barrier
- Stepped construction
Radon measurement for new dwellings
Further information
References and further reading

Good Building Guide 74, GBG74
BRE Electronic Publications BRE Electronic Publications