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The Green Guide to Specification, 4th Edition

The Green Guide to Specification, 4th Edition

by Jane Anderson, David Shiers and Kristian Steele (30-Jan-2009)


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Book Description

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Green Guide to Specification, 4th Edition

The fourth edition of The Green Guide to Specification has been revised and updated by BRE to provide designers and specifiers with easy-to-use guidance on making the best environmental choices when selecting construction materials and components. It is more comprehensive than its predecessors and contains more than 1200 specifications used in six generic building types: commercial, educational, healthcare, retail, residential and industrial.

The Guide provides robust information to assist decision-making by translating numerical life-cycle assessment data into a simple A+ to E scale of environmental ratings, enabling specifiers to make meaningful comparisons between materials and components. The performance of each specification is measured against a range of environmental impacts, including climate change, toxicity, fossil fuel and ozone depletion, levels of emissions and pollutants, and mineral and water extraction. The principal building elements covered are floors, roofs, walls, windows, insulation and landscaping.

The Green Guide to Specification is an essential tool for architects, surveyors, building managers and property owners seeking to reduce the environmental impact of their buildings by informed and responsible selection of construction materials and components.

The publication provides significant additional detail which is not available from the Green Guide Online. This includes:

  • Greater background information on the Environmental Profiles methodology and the Green Guide
  • Green Guide ranges for each element and building type, presented graphically
  • Typical replacement intervals in years
  • Embodied CO2 figures
  • Impact category ratings presented alongside Green Guide Summary Rating
  • Recycling data
  • Extensive Index

Pages: 236

Format: Hardcover

BUILDING TYPES: Commercial; Educational; Healthcare; Retail; Residential; industrial..

BUILDING ELEMENTS: External walls; Internal walls and partitions; Roofs; Ground floors; Upper floors; Windows; Insulation; Landscaping; Floor finishes..

ENVIRONMENTAL PERFORMANCE MEASURES: Climate change; Water extraction; Mineral resource depletion; Stratospheric ozone depletion; Human toxicity; Ecotoxicity to freshwater; Nuclear waste; Ecotoxicity to land; Waste disposal; Fossil fuel depletion; Eutrophication; Photochemical ozone creation; Acidification

This publication supersedes "The Green Guide to Specification (3rd edition)" and "BR390 The green guide to housing specification." Although these publications will remain in-print for some time (to support existing assessment schemes that use the current editions), the status of these publications is now obsolete/superseded but can be found by clicking the links below.

The Green Guide to Specification (3rd edition)

The green guide to housing specification

The online version of the Green Guide is available at

Click here for the online version

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