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Assessing moisture in building materials. 3 part set<br><b>PDF DOWNLOAD</b>

Assessing moisture in building materials. 3 part set

by C Stirling (23-Sep-2002)

Book Description

Moisture can enter buildings for many reasons and the resultant damage to materials and components is well documented. There is much published guidance on the identification and possible remedies for moisture defects.
The objective of these Good Repair Guides is to provide building professionals with examples of analytical techniques which could be used to supplement visual information in the identification of moisture problems. The number of techniques is large so only a limited number can be reviewed. Part 1 summarises the sources of
moisture in building fabric and gives advice on analysing the possible causes. Part 2 discusses a range of techniques available for measuring moisture content in building materials and Part 3 gives advice on how to interpret the data from moisture and environmental data. 6 pages each part.

Good Repair Guide 5 'Diagnosing the causes of dampness' covers the subject more briefly.
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