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Developments in fire detection and fire alarm systems

Developments in fire detection and fire alarm systems

by R Chagger (26-Jun-2009)


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Fire detection and fire alarm systems protect lives and property by detecting and warning of fire. To be effective such warnings should be both reliable and timely. Recent developments in sensor and electronic technologies have led to great advances and innovations that have improved the performance of these systems. This Digest reviews the technologies and state-of-the-art products that have emerged, underlines the importance of using approved products and systems to ensure that they operate reliably and do not generate false alarms, and takes a brief look into their future.

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Pages: 8

The history of fire detection (Ionisation smoke detectors. Photoelectric smoke detectors)
Developments in electronic technology
Developments in fire detection (Beam detectors. Flame detectors. Line-type heat detectors. Multisensor detectors. Wireless detection)
Communications devices
Video fire detection systems
Directional sounders and visual devices
Alarm transmission systems
Maximising use of technology and available information
Approved products and systems
False alarms

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