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Automatic fire sprinkler systems: A good practice guide<br><b>PDF Download</b>

Automatic fire sprinkler systems: A good practice guide
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by C Williams (10-Jun-2009)

Book Description

Automatic sprinkler systems are a well established technology and have demonstrated their reliability and effectiveness in protecting life and property in industrial and commercial buildings over many years. This guide provides good practice guidance on designing, installing, commissioning and maintaining sprinkler systems so they fulfil their purpose in the event of a fire. It covers a range of issues related to automatic sprinkler systems including UK standards, design, installation and maintenance of existing and novel products. Appendices provide valuable statistics about the incidence of real fires and the role of sprinklers in controlling them.

7 line drawings, 3 photos

Pages: 48

  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 Background

    • Consequences of fire
    • Regulatory background
    • Brief historical context of automatic sprinkler systems
    • Building types and hazards
    • Sprinklers and other fire precaution measures
    • Life safety and property protection sprinkler systems
    • Reasons for installing sprinkler systems
    • Cost benefit considerations

  • 3 What is an automatic sprinkler system?

    • Key components
    • Types of system
    • Types of water supply
    • Operation and performance of sprinkler systems in fire

  • 4 Benefits of automatic sprinkler systems

    • Benefits
    • International experience

  • 5 Standards

    • Standards for design, installation and maintenance
    • Standards for components

  • 6 Stages in the lifecycle of automatic sprinkler systems

    • Lifecycle stages of the system
    • Stakeholder engagement
    • Key elements of the system
    • Sprinkler protection and hazard classification
    • Sprinkler system design

  • 7 Limitations of automatic sprinkler systems
  • 8 Potential problems with automatic sprinkler systems

    • Potential problems in a fire event
    • Real fire incidents
    • Problems without a fire present

  • 9 How to avoid potential problems with automatic sprinkler systems

    • Project planning and specification
    • Design, installation and commissioning of the system
    • Third party certified components
    • Third party certified sprinkler contractors
    • Water supplies
    • Inspection and maintenance of system
    • New or novel sprinkler systems

  • 10 Conclusions and recommendations
  • Appendix UK Fire Statistics data and analysis

    • UK Fire Statistics database and FDR1 codes
    • Procedure
    • Significance testing

  • References
  • Further information

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