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BRE Building Elements: Roofs and roofing: Performance, diagnosis, maintenance, repair and the avoidance of defects - Third Edition<br>(BR 504)

BRE Building Elements: Roofs and roofing: Performance, diagnosis, maintenance, repair and the avoidance of defects - Third Edition
(BR 504)

by H W Harrison, P M Trotman and G K Saunders (17-Jul-2009)


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Book Description

This extensively revised third edition contains:

  • - new chapters on extensive lightweight green roofs, modern methods of construction, roof-mounted photovoltaic systems, thermal insulation in lofts, loft conversions and single-layer membranes
  • - new sections have been included on new forms of metal roofing, siphonic roof drainage, new materials technologies, improved protective finishes for timber, metals and concrete
  • - where appropriate each chapter now contains a section dealing with provisions that might become necessary to accommodate climate change
  • - details of the latest changes in the standards covering roof drainage.

This book is about roofs and roofing: the materials and production methods and criteria that are used in the construction of these major elements of buildings. More specifically, its purpose is to draw the attention of readers to features of roofs and roofing that ensure good performance, and to the things that go wrong so that they can be avoided.

’Roofs and roofing’ draws from BRE experience to provide the building professional with a checklist of points of concern with roofing and sources of further information and advice. The text has been enhanced by:


  • - over 200 photographs, some one-quarter of which are new to this edition,
  • - over 100 drawings of roofs and roof construction detail,
  • - many other drawings, maps, charts, graphs and tables,
  • - case studies, feature panels and check lists, including a surveyors inspection list at the end of each chapter on roof types and coverings.

Year by year, reports from BRE and construction industry institutions point to the consistently high levels of problems in roofs of all types and sizes: not just problems with new designs and materials for roofs (where lack of experience might reasonably explain faults and failures) but with traditional and well tried forms of construction. For all types and ages of roofs, statistics show that around 25% have faults of varying degrees of seriousness with the least serious having the potential for eventual failure.

225 line drawings, 229 photos

Pages: 280


  • Prefaces to first, second and third editions
  • About the authors
  • 1 Introduction
    • Background
    • References
  • 2 The basic functions of all roofs
    • Strength and stability
    • Dimensional stability
    • Exclusion and disposal of rain and snow
    • Energy conservation and ventilation
    • Control of solar heat and air temperature
    • Fire safety and precautions and lightning protection
    • Daylighting and control of glare
    • Sound insulation
    • Durability, ease of maintenance and whole-life costs
    • Functions particular to pitched roofs, and flat roofs
    • Extensive lightweight green roofs
    • Modern methods of construction
    • Roof-mounted photovoltaic systems
    • References
  • 3 Short-span domestic pitched roofs
    • Concrete and clay tiles
    • Slate and stone tiles
    • Fully supported metal
    • Fully supported built-up bitumen felt and felt strip slates
    • Rigid sheets
    • Shingles
    • Thatch
    • Thermal insulation in lofts
    • Loft conversions
    • References
  • 4 Short-span domestic flat roofs
    • Built-up felt
    • Mastic asphalt
    • Inverted flat roofs
    • Fully supported metal roofs
    • Single-layer membranes
    • References
  • 5 Medium-span commercial and public roofs
    • Pitched roofs
    • Flat roofs
    • Vaults and other special shaped roofs such as glazed atria
    • Roof gardens (intensive green roofs)
    • Swimming pool roofs
    • References
  • 6 Medium-span industrial roofs
    • Sheeted portals, north lights, monitors and saw-tooths
    • Patent glazing
    • Temporary and short-life roofs
    • References
  • 7 Long-span roofs
    • All kinds of long-span roofs
    • Skeletal structures
    • References
  • 8 Index

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