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The structural condition of Reema hollow panel system houses<br><b>PDF Download</b>

ARCHIVED - The structural condition of Reema hollow panel system houses
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by BRE (01-Dec-1984)

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Whilst this publication can still be purchased some of the information in it has been superseded by more recent research and standards. The BRE Group does not accept any responsibility whatsoever for any loss or damage, including - without limitation - indirect or consequential loss or damage arising from use, or loss of use, of data or profits arising out of, or in connection with, the use of this document.

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The information in this report aims to assist owners of Reema hollow panel system houses, or their representatives, to make decisions appropriate to their own particular circumstances. It describes, in Part 1, the defects and deterioration which have been found and the inspections and examinations which may be necessary to determine the structural condition and likely future performance of an individual dwelling. Some possibilities for repair or remedial work are outlined. Part 1 is based on the investigations described in Part 2 which were concerned primarily with the condition of reinforced concrete components. When owners or their representatives are making a full inspection and assessment of a Reema hollow panel system house, it will be necessary to look wider than the scope and conclusions of this report. Includes as an appendix - Aid to identification: Reema houses (BRE Occasional Paper OP18).

Alternative names for this system: Bourne, Engineered Homes, Nadder, Reema, Stour, Wylye.

See also BRE Report BR116 on Reema LPS dwellings.

Pages: 35

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