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Sustainable developments in Sweden - lessons for Ecotowns (BR 507)

Sustainable developments in Sweden - lessons for Ecotowns (BR 507)

by Lynne Ceeney (27-Nov-2009)


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Book Description

Three sustainable settlements in Sweden were visited as part of a study tour organised by the Town and Country Planning Association and led by Sir Peter Hall in April 2009. Each of the settlements - Ekostaden Augustenborg and Vastra Hämnen in Malmö, and Hammarby Sjöstad in Stockholm - illustrate diverse solutions to the challenge of sustainable development. While the political, social and legal characteristics are different in the UK compared to Sweden, the environmental, growth and community challenges are very similar, and many features of the Swedish settlements could provide useful guidance for the English Ecotowns programme of sustainable new communities. This publication reports on the key features of the three towns and discusses features, such as leadership, connectivity, planning, benchmarking and social issues, which could be transferable to the proposed Ecotowns programme.




Glossary of terms




1 Introduction


2 Ekostaden Augustenborg, Malmö

Findings of the study tour.
Sustainable features.
Water management.
Environmental and social benefits.
Managing the settlement.


3 Vastra Hämnen, Malmö

Findings of the study tour.
Water management.
Transport and travel.
Other neighbourhoods in Vastra Hämnen.


4 Hammarby Sjöstad, Stockholm

Hammarby Sjöstad - expanding the inner city of Stockholm.
The masterplan.
The Hammarby model.
Environmental lifestyles.


5 Lessons learned for Ecotowns

Size and connectivity.
Planning process.
Learning and experimentation.
Environmental benchmarks.
Additionality - or getting your development to work harder.
Social issues and affordability.
Character and quality


6 Conclusions


References and further reading

Other publications that may be of interest
Sustainability through planning - Local authority use of BREEAM, EcoHomes and the Code for Sustainable Homes
Masterplanning science and technology parks
A BRE Guide

The LifE report: Long-term initiatives for flood-risk environments

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