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Digitally enabled communities (IP 8/10) DOWNLOAD

Digitally enabled communities (IP 8/10) DOWNLOAD

by Mike Perry (26-Mar-2010)

Book Description

This Information Paper gives a definition of digitally enabled communities and an overview of the technologies available. It discusses five indicators that provide a framework for the development of digital communities and funding that may be available for digital community projects. Their success rests on strong community leadership with the vision and commitment to develop and deliver a local digital strategy. The Paper includes a case study of the delivery of a digital strategy in Sunderland, Tyne & Wear, to deliver economic regeneration.

8 pages.

Internet communications technologies in the built environment
The internet
- What is the internet?
- Digital networks
- Network media and devices (The network connecting media. Powerline transmission. Satellite)
- Network technologies (Switches. Routers. Firewalls)
Key elements of digitally enabled communities
- What are digitally enabled communities? (Interpretations of the concept)
The context for developing a digital community
- Community leaders understand and communicate the benefits of broadband engagement
- Acknowledging the need for change
- Setting the vision and objectives
- Outcomes not technologies
Criteria for digitally enabled communities
- Broadband connectivity
- Knowledge workforce
- Digital inclusion
- Innovation
- Promoting the digital community
Funding vehicles for digital community projects
- Policy and regulatory programmes
- Government as client
- Public-private partnerships
- Dark fibre and open-access networks
- Direct competition
Case study: Sunderland, Tyne & Wear

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