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Assessment of timber structures<br><b>(Downloadable version)</b>

Assessment of timber structures
(Downloadable version)

by Tim Reynolds and Chris Holland (14-Jun-2010)

Book Description

Timber is a capable and widely used construction material, but is vulnerable to degradation when exposed to moisture. Neglect, together with poor building practices in the past and later modifications, may result in unsatisfactory structural conditions. This Digest considers the structural role of the timber element which can give an indication of its adequacy. It covers the inspection and appraisal of timber structures (roofs and floors) for signs of deterioration, modification and defects. It also provides information about biological attack of timber (insects and fungal decay).
(A4, 12pp)


Inspection of timber structures
- Roofs
- Floors
Timber frame structures and other elements
- Traditional oak framing
External timber structures
- Modern, panelised timber frame
- Plyweb I-beams
- Glulaminated timber
? Glulam
External timber structures
Grading of in-situ structural timber
Biological attack
- Identification of wood boring insects
- Identification of fungal decay
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