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Reclamation and recycling of building materials: industry position report  <B>(Scanned copy)</B>

Reclamation and recycling of building materials: industry position report (Scanned copy)

by G Hobbs, T Kay (01-Mar-2000)

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Please note that this is a scanned copy of a paper published in 2000, so the text is not as clear as in documents created as pdf files.

The construction industry is increasingly committed to lessening its impact on the environment; reducing waste and making better use of unavoidable waste is key to this commitment. Cost, time, availability and quality all affect the use of reclaimed and recycled materials. Much of the responsibility to juggle these issues lies with the demolition, reclamation and recycling industries. These industries are highly specialised and can be identified separately but they can overlap and so become difficult to define. Based on recent surveys, this paper gives a snapshot of the present position in the reclamation and recycling industries. 8 pages.

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