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Design fires for use in fire safety engineering<BR>(FB 29)  <B>(DOWNLOAD)</B>

Design fires for use in fire safety engineering

by C Mayfield, D Hopkin (02-Dec-2010)

Book Description

This publication provides technical data and guidance on defining a robust and appropriate design fire for use in the fire safety engineering design of a building. It explains: what a design fire is; how it can be determined; the limitations of current methodologies; experimental data; calculation methods. Current approaches to defining an appropriate design fire, ranging from the quantification of fuel load based on surveys of real buildings to experimental measurements, are described in detail. Aimed at professionals involved in the fire safety engineering design process, either as designers fulfilling a brief or as regulators/approvers of the design, this guidance provides data that originate from a range of sources including fire tests undertaken by BRE Global. It can be used to source quantifiable parameters such as heat release rates and fire growth rates that are proportionate to the fire hazard foreseen.

Illustrations: 47 line drawings and graphs, 39 colour photos

Pages: 72


1 Introduction
2 Important factors influencing quantification of a design fire
3 Steady-state design fires
4 Time-dependent design fires
4.1 t-squared fire growth curves
4.2 Other calculation methods
4.3 Experimental design fires (Heat release rate. Smoke production rate)
5 Fully developed fires
5.1 Parametric design fires
5.2 Time-equivalence
6 Occupancies
6.1 Bar/Night club
6.2 Car parks
6.3 Carpet store
6.4 Clothes store
6.5 Indoor play area
6.6 Library
6.7 Living room
6.8 Luggage store
6.9 Office
6.10 Prison cell
6.11 Reception
6.12 Retail store
6.13 Video store
7 Commodities
7.1 Beds
7.2 Boxes
7.3 Buses
7.4 Cars
7.5 Chairs
7.6 Christmas trees
7.7 Computers
7.8 Curtains
7.9 Flight luggage
7.10 Hand cart
7.11 Pallets
7.12 Pool fires
7.13 Soft toys
7.14 Televisions
7.15 Upholstered furniture
7.16 Wardrobe
8 References

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