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Residential sprinklers for fire protection. Part 2: Installation (Revised 2012)

Residential sprinklers for fire protection. Part 2: Installation (Revised 2012)

by C Williams (07-Dec-2012)


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Book Description

This is the second part of a two-part Digest. Part 2 is a guide to BS 9251 (Sprinkler systems for residential and domestic occupancies - Code of practice). The guide clarifies, amplifies and provides additional requirements to BS 9251. It also includes the need for full hydraulic calculations in preparing the design, and the water supply requirements, and clarifies when BS EN 12845 should be used in preference to BS 9251 because of the building occupancy and hazards to be protected.
Part 2 is aimed primarily at sprinkler contractors approved in the LPCB LPS 1301 certification scheme but will also be of relevance to other interested parties.
Part 1 provides an introduction to residential sprinklers for non-specialists including the reasons for, and the benefits of, installing a domestic or residential sprinkler system.

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1 Introduction
2 How to use the guide to BS 9251
3 Terminology
Guide to BS 9251

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