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The cost of poor housing in Wales

by M Davidson, S Nicol, M Roys, A Beaumont (17-Mar-2011)

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Decent homes are the foundation of people’s lives and, as such, a key determinant of health and well-being. Although there is extensive literature on the relationships between poor housing and both physical and mental ill-health, it remains difficult to translate this recognition into coordinated and concerted action on housing as a priority for public health.

This report summarises the results of a research project commissioned by Shelter Cymru and BRE Trust to apply a methodology developed to calculate the cost of poor housing in England to the Welsh housing stock. The research found that reducing the worst hazards of poor housing in Wales would save the NHS about £67 million per year.


Foreword by John Puzey and John Pritchard, Shelter Cymru

1 Executive summary

2 Introduction



Defining poor housing

The Housing Health and Safety Rating System

3 Quantifying poor housing in Wales

The 2008 Living in Wales Property Survey

Category 1 hazards in Wales, 2008

Types of homes with Category 1 hazards

Household groups with Category 1 hazards 3.5 Comparisons with England

4 Examples of Category 1 HHSRS hazards

Falls hazards


Excess cold

5 Financial impact of poor housing

Improving poor housing to an acceptable level

Quantifying the cost to society of poor housing

What costs should be included?

The total cost of poor housing in Wales

The health cost-benefit of energy improvements

6 Modelling cost-benefit scenarios

Case Study 1: Falls on stairs and steps

Case Study 2: Cost benefit of energy improvements to a Category 1 HHSRS cold home

7 Conclusions


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