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Carbon footprinting and labelling of construction products

Carbon footprinting and labelling of construction products

by D Doran and J Anderson, BRE Global (17-May-2011)


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Book Description

The terms ‘carbon footprinting’ and ‘carbon labelling’ are in common use in the construction industry, but can be confused and misinterpreted. This Information Paper defines the terms in the context of construction products, and outlines the life-cycle assessment principles that underpin them. This is followed by a review of associated standards, codes, other schemes and resources. The use of carbon footprinting and labelling in the construction industry is then considered, along with relevant organisations, products and construction specifications, and ‘whole building’ assessment.

This Information Paper is intended to be a resource for architects, specifiers, constructors, manufacturers, suppliers, academics and regulators so that better-informed decisions can be made about construction products.


Carbon footprinting

LCA for carbon footprinting

Introduction to LCA, Operational, embodied and other impacts, Multi-issue LCA and carbon footprinting

Standards, specifications and codes relevant to UK construction

ISO product LCA and environmental labelling standards, PAS 2050:2008, Code of Practice for Product Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Reduction Claims, ISO 14067 - Carbon footprint of products

Current and forthcoming carbon footprinting and labelling schemes

Carbon Reduction Label, UKAS accreditation for certification bodies

Related schemes and assessment resources

BRE Global Environmental Profiles Scheme and Environmental Profiles Methodology, The Green Guide to Specification,  University of Bath ICE database

Carbon footprinting and the construction industry

Drivers for reducing GHG emissions in construction, Construction products - use-stage impacts, Con­struc­tion products and the main sources of their GHG emissions, Carbon sequestration of construction products, Zero-carbon buildings and the definition of ‘zero carbon’, Elemental and whole-building assessment, Carbon footprinting and building environmental assessment methods



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