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Photovoltaic systems on dwellings: Key factors for successful installations

Photovoltaic systems on dwellings: Key factors for successful installations

by S Pester and A Thorne (19-Jul-2011)


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Book Description

This introductory guide is for anyone interested in generating their own electricity using solar panels. It covers the main issues associated with the planning, installation and operation of electricity-generating solar (photovoltaic or PV) panels on dwellings, and identifies the key characteristics that make a building suitable for a PV system. Indicative costs and benefits are given, as well as sample calculations showing the financial return for a typical household, although much of the information can be applied to all types and sizes of building. References are given to legislative requirements for design, installation, commissioning and control; standards; and details of financial incentives.

This is one in a series of five BRE Information Papers on the main renewable energy technologies for buildings and communities, covering biomass systems; photovoltaic systems; large-scale low-carbon heating; ground source heat pumps and low-temperature heating; and solar thermal systems.

Format: A4 8pp

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