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Smart meters and smart energy networks for dwellings <b> Downloadable Version </b>

Smart meters and smart energy networks for dwellings Downloadable Version

by M Perry (13-Dec-2011)

Book Description

Great Britain is making a strong commitment to smart meters and the role of smart meters as a focal point for smart energy management in homes. This Information Paper outlines the options available for automatic meter reading, monitoring and management and the challenges in implementing these technologies.

Several national initiatives are running in parallel with the smart meter programme. Coordinating these programmes will maximise the return on the substantial investment for each programme. The Paper aims to inform building and energy professionals and building owners about the exciting opportunities available through implementing smart meter technology.



Background to smart meters

Traditional electricity and gas meters

Smart meters for real-time monitoring – automatic meter reading

-   Internet

-   General packet radio service (GPRS)

-   Power line carrier (PLC)

-   Short message service (SMS)

-   Other data transmission media for gas supplies

Automatic meter management

In-home displays

The government’s smart meter programme

Energy supply and smart meters

-   Future developments

-   Smart meters and the energy gap – demand management

-   Smart meters and the long-term energy supply model

-   Feed-in tariffs (FITs)

-   Interoperability

-   Interfacing

Other impacts of smart meters

-   Security

-   Fuel poverty

-   Electric cars

Smart grids

An opportunity for linking policy



A4 8pp

Available on or after 3/1/2012.

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