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Conservation and cleaning of masonry - Set of 4 BRE Digests (AP 291)

Conservation and cleaning of masonry - Set of 4 BRE Digests (AP 291)

by BRE (24-Jan-2012)


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Book Description

DG 502

This Digest provides an overview of the principles of the conservation management of masonry in historic buildings. It discusses the legislative framework in the UK (including interactions with planning authorities and conservation bodies, and regional variations in conservation policy) and the general principles of conservation practice, including minimal intervention, protection against disaster and neglect, use of identical replacement materials or the nearest analogues, respecting the spirit of the core of the building, maintaining a log of works, and agreeing a protocol for project management before a project begins. An Annex lists key events in the development of building conservation bodies, practice and legislation in the UK.

8 pages


DG 508

The use of appropriate conservation and refurbishment techniques is critical to the preservation of buildings. This major 3-part Digest gives advice on how to apply safe, effective, appropriate and enduring conservation techniques to masonry. It outlines how to identify masonry constituents and associated mortars, and how to diagnose the causes of deterioration. It advocates avoidance of cleaning to optimise the life of masonry but outlines its use where appropriate.

Part 1 gives advice on stonework.

Part 2 covers brickwork, blockwork and terracotta.

Part 3 deals with renders, plasters and stucco.

68 pages in total

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