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Passive and reactive fire protection to structural steel <b> Downloadable Version </b>

Passive and reactive fire protection to structural steel Downloadable Version

by T Lennon and D Hopkin (19-Jan-2012)

Book Description

This Information Paper collates and updates available information on passive and reactive fire protection to structural steelwork. It is intended for use by those responsible for specifying fire protection, main contractors, building control authorities and installers. It provides information on the options available to the designer, ranging from the use of unprotected steelwork to the selection of products for extreme events such as hydrocarbon fire exposure. The Information Paper covers the types of product available, issues around the specification of fire protection to structural steelwork, the advantages and disadvantages associated with each type of product in relation to the construction process, technical performance in tests and how this relates to performance in real fires, and the importance of third-party certification schemes for manufacturers and installers of fire-protection systems.




Unprotected steel structures

Partially encased steel sections

Protected steel sections

- Concrete encasement

- Board protection

- Stone mineral-fibre systems

- Spray-applied systems

- Thin-film intumescent coatings

- Epoxy intumescent coatings

Application and third-party certification schemes

Fire testing and assessment

Performance in real fires

Sources of further information


Further reading

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Available on or after 13/2/2012.

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