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Earthships in Europe (EP 102) OUT OF PRINT

Earthships in Europe (EP 102) OUT OF PRINT

by M Hewitt, K Telfer (28-Feb-2012)


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Book Description

The new edition of this successful book is a detailed description and evaluation of earthships in Europe. Its main purpose is to judge whether the translation of earthships - an American architectural concept pioneered in the New Mexico desert - to a European setting has been successful. The book includes case studies of people who have built earthships in France, Spain and Britain and a round-up of other projects. It also includes analysis of the most detailed thermal monitoring ever carried out on an earthship and the only known airtightness test. This analysis is used to make a series of design recommendations to help make earthships more effective in different climatic conditions. The book concludes by predicting the likely future of earthships in Europe - whether they will become a model for large-scale low-carbon housing or remain the preserve of a few brave self-builders.


About the authors

The Earthship dream
‘Green dream’ or ‘autonomous survivalism’?
The credibility gap
Passivhaus and One Planet Living
Earthships in Europe
Summary of chapters

What is an Earthship?
Two definitions
The evolution of the Earthship Idea
Mike Reynolds: a biographical sketch
Defining principles
Design features

Construction methods
Modular approach
Site selection
Ground preparation and excavation
Thermal wrap and damp-proofing
Tyre Walls: a methodology
Timber-frame construction and glazing
Adobe-tyre pack-out preparation and plastering
Floor and foundations
Water systems installation
Natural cross-ventilation
Low-impact and natural materials
Bottle walls and glass brick methodology

Building with waste
Why use tyres?
Legislative and regulatory position
Risk assessment concerns
Other rules about waste handling
Other low-embodied-energy materials
Junk aesthetic

Renewable energy and power systems
Design out: energy demand management in earthships
Onsite micro-renewables
Hot water
Design limitations

Contemporary situation: large-scale distribution
Domestic water usage
Rainwater harvesting
Current grey and blackwater recycling
Earthship water systems outline
Drinking water quality legislation
Redesign of WOM to meet drinking water standards
Low-intensity, chemical-free greywater recycling
Blackwater settles in septic tank

European builds
Earthship Fife
Earthship Brighton
Earthship France
Earthship Valencia
The Groundhouse, Brittany
Earthship Almeria
Project round-up: other earthships and related projects

Passive solar design and monitored thermal performance
Brief history of modern passive solar design
Passive solar design in Europe
Passive solar design in earthships
Thermal mass and thermal wrap in earthships
Reported thermal comfort by earthship residents
Literature review: published academic papers on the thermal performance of earthships
Thermal performance of Earthship Brighton
Summary of findings

Conclusion: the future of earthships in Europe
Summary of findings
The European earthships
European thermal performance findings
Summary of data findings for Earthship Brighton and wider implications
Building with waste findings
Power findings
Water findings
Design recommendations

Conclusion: the future of earthships in Europe

Appendix 1. Earthship Brighton sensor summary



 184pp, 246 X 189 mm, 38 line diagrams, 115 colour photos