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Designing resilient cities: a guide to good practice (EP 103)

Designing resilient cities: a guide to good practice (EP 103)

by DR Lombardi, JM Leach and CDF Rogers (Civil Engineering, University of Birmingham, UK) and the Urban Futures Team (11-Apr-2012)


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Book Description

This Guide presents the Urban Futures Method to test the likely future performance of urban development and regeneration-related ‘sustainability solutions’ – actions taken today in the name of sustainability – in a series of possible future scenarios in the year 2050. If a proposed solution delivers a positive legacy, regardless of the future against which it is tested, then it can be adopted with confidence. The Method provides insights into the potential impacts of today’s urban planning and design decisions, and challenges the conventional mainstream approach to sustainability by incorporating changing priorities and different ways of thinking into today’s actions, with the intention to ensure relevance in the future.

This publication is the planned outcome of a four-year, £3.1 million grant from the UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council on Urban Futures. It has been directed by a steering committee and expert panellists representing industry, government, academia and the third sector.


Abbreviations and glossary; Executive summary
Part One: Introduction to the Urban Futures Method
The Urban Futures Method in brief; Using the Urban Futures Interactive Tool
Part Two: The Urban Futures Method: delving more deeply
Introduction; Applying the Urban Futures Method; Developing UK urban scenarios; Complexity and urban systems
Part Three: worked examples of sustainability solution-benefit pairs

126 pp, A4, 66 colour photos, 20 line diagrams, 28 tables

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