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A guide to the use of urban timber

by G Cooper (31-Jul-2012)

Book Description

This illustrated guide to using timber culled from the UK’s urban timber resource (street, park and urban woodland trees) gives advice on the selection and identification of high-value stems, processing, drying, transport, storage and the logistical problems associated with felled material. The report aims to promote the use of many common and exotic urban tree species for high-value solid wood products rather than being processed for firewood, chipped to produce mulch or sent to landfill. The guidance will help local authorities to maximise the value of timber produced in towns and cities and to develop best practicable options for using solid wood produced during normal maintenance procedures.


Material and species availability
Assessing stems for timber production
Value-added growth feature
A sawmill perspective
Timber dimensions, measurement and material grading
Wood drying
Air drying

The kiln drying of timber
Kiln drying processes
Drying schedules
Problems associated with wood drying
Calculating value
Identifying prospective markets
Appendix: Species list and wood property information

A4, 64pp
4 line drawings
40 photos

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