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Site layout planning for sunlight and solar gain<BR>(IP 22/12)

Site layout planning for sunlight and solar gain
(IP 22/12)

by P Littlefair BRE (16-Oct-2012)


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IP 22/12 supersedes IP 4/92 which is now withdrawn

This Information Paper outlines revised BRE guidance on site layout planning to achieve good sunlighting, both within buildings and in the open spaces between them. It deals with sunlight within new developments and in existing buildings and gardens nearby. It addresses the provision of sunlight and access to solar energy in dense urban areas. It supersedes Information Paper IP 4/92, which is now withdrawn. A companion paper deals with light from the sky (ie daylight). This Information Paper should be of interest to developers, architects and surveyors and their clients, and planning officials.

Sunlight and solar gain in new buildings
-Sunlight as an amenity
-Passive solar heating
-Solar collectors
Existing buildings
Gardens and open spaces
Trees and hedges

A4, 6pp
2 line drawings, 3 photos

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