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Sustainability strategies for healthcare estates: Lessons from University College London Hospitals

Sustainability strategies for healthcare estates: Lessons from University College London Hospitals

by C Clear, J Hardi and A Thorne (16-Oct-2012)


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Book Description

This Information Paper describes the sustainability strategies of the University College London Hospitals (UCLH) NHS Foundation Trust. It aims to share the knowledge and successes of UCLH in implementing sustainability strategies in its healthcare premises. The publication is intended for estates professionals and senior management within the health sector, along with their specialist advisers. Although the examples are specific to NHS Trusts, the model and guidance presented here are relevant across the healthcare sector and the principles can be adapted to other non-health sectors.

While the principles of sustainability are straightforward to state, their implementation is complex and wide-reaching: sustainable development has a potential impact on almost all operational aspects of an NHS Trust, and there are numerous actions that can be taken to operate in more sustainable ways.

This Information Paper is structured around the five key themes of waste, procurement, energy, travel and water, with community engagement as an overarching principle to operating sustainably that underpins each of these themes. The document links to national guidance and reporting arrangements for the healthcare sector and highlights proven measures that have been implemented by UCLH. The aim of sharing best practice through this publication is to push forward the sustainability agenda by providing readers with examples of lessons learned in implementing sustainability strategies, particularly within the healthcare sector.


Making progress
- Organisation and implementation
- Monitoring and reporting
- Dissemination
-Key facts
-UCLH case study: money for nothing and your waste for free
-Waste actions
-Key facts
-UCLH case study: Neutral Vendor
-Procurement actions
-Key facts
-UCLH case study: Mr Switch It
-Energy actions
-Key facts
-UCLH case study: Small Steps Travel initiative
-Travel actions
-Key facts
-UCLH case study: Macmillan Cancer Care Unit
-Water actions
Community engagement
-Key facts
-UCLH case study: Project CRIG
-Community engagement actions

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30 October 2012

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