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Radon solutions in homes: Part 1 Improving underfloor ventilation - <B>Downloadable version</B>

Radon solutions in homes: Part 1 Improving underfloor ventilation - Downloadable version

by C Scivyer BRE (13-Nov-2012)

Book Description

This Good Repair Guide offers guidance to builders and homeowners carrying out installation works to increase ventilation under suspended ground floors. It covers the installation of both natural and mechanical (fan-assisted) ventilation to underfloor spaces. Advice is also given on system maintenance and what to do if a system fails to adequately reduce radon levels.
This Good Repair Guide is Part 1 in a 3-Part set and replaces the guidance given in BRE Report BR 270. Parts 2 and 3 cover positive house ventilation and sump systems.


-Improving underfloor ventilation
-Suspended timber floors
-Suspended concrete floors
Solutions for improving underfloor ventilation
-Increasing natural underfloor ventilation
-Providing mechanical ventilation
Additional points to consider when improving underfloor ventilation
Checking that the improved ventilation works and continues to work
-What to do if it does not work
-Troubleshooting for underfloor ventilation
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A4 8pp

9 line drawings, 14 photos

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