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Visual alarm devices for fire: an introduction and guide to BS EN 54-23 <B>PDF Download</B>

Visual alarm devices for fire: an introduction and guide to BS EN 54-23 PDF Download

by R Chagger (08-Jan-2013)

Book Description

The product standard for visual alarm devices (VADs), BS EN 54-23, was published in 2010 and the pending deadline for compliance with the requirements of the Construction Products Directive (CPD) of March 2013 is fast approaching. There is a lot of concern and confusion in the marketplace about how to design devices that comply with the standard. This Information Paper provides interpretations of the standard and guidance on how, together with Loss Prevention Code of Practice CoP 0001 for VADs used for fire warning, devices can be optimised and specified for use in the service environment. This publication is intended for manufacturers of VADs, specifiers and installers of these devices.


Variables that affect the luminous intensity
-Pulse profiles
-The Blondel-Rey formula
-Pulse duration dependence
-Multiple pulse dependence
-Current consumptions and demand on loops
The coverage volume test
-Ceiling, wall and open-class devices
-Using the VAD for its intended coverage
-Ceiling device example
-Wall and open-class devices
Testing and approvals for VADs
Codes of practice for VADs

A4 12pp

12 line drawings, 2 photos

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