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Radon solutions in homes: Part 2 Positive house ventilation (GR 37-2)

Radon solutions in homes: Part 2 Positive house ventilation (GR 37-2)

by C Scivyer (06-Feb-2013)


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Book Description

This Good Repair Guide offers guidance to builders and homeowners installing positive ventilation systems in homes. When controlled ventilation is provided to a house, indoor radon levels can be reduced and at the same time the indoor environment can be improved by reducing condensation, mould, stuffiness and stale odours. Advice is also given on system maintenance and what to do if a system fails to adequately reduce radon levels.
This Good Repair Guide is Part 2 in a 3-Part set and replaces the guidance given in BRE Report BR 281. Part 1 covers underfloor ventilation and Part 3 covers radon sump systems


-What is positive ventilation?
-Where can positive ventilation systems be used? (Airtightness in a property. Draughty houses. Properties with no central heating)
-How does a positive ventilation system work?
Guidance on installing positive ventilation systems
-Specification for installing positive ventilation systems
-Fans (Fan unit size. Filters)
-Installing systems
-Ventilation supply
-Avoiding odours
-Properties without a roof space
-Homes with higher radon concentrations
-Radon measurement checks
-What to do if the positive ventilation system does not work
Long-term maintenance
Further information


A4 8pp
4  line drawings, 10 photos

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