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The essential guide to retail lighting: Achieving effective and energy-efficient lighting (FB 56)

The essential guide to retail lighting: Achieving effective and energy-efficient lighting (FB 56)

by Cosmin Ticleanu, Paul Littlefair and Gareth Howlett (03-Sep-2013)


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Book Description

Although lighting products are becoming more efficient, the energy used for retail lighting has increased due to longer opening hours and higher light levels. Reducing energy consumption for retail lighting can directly increase profitability and reduce environmental impacts. Modern lighting techniques and equipment, as well as more efficient light sources, provide opportunities for significant reductions in the use of energy, while achieving a greatly enhanced level of illumination and improved visual appeal.
This guide reviews current practice in retail lighting and gives advice on how to achieve energy savings, providing retailers, architects and designers with practical guidance on both refurbishing existing lighting systems and developing new lighting solutions for their stores.


1. Introduction
2. Design principles
2.1. Functions of retail lighting
2.2. Factors to be considered in retail lighting design
2.3. Recommendations for retail lighting
3. Review of current solutions in retail lighting (including results from BRE survey)
3.1. Energy consumption for retail lighting
3.2. BRE survey on retail lighting
4. State of the art technologies in lighting
4.1. Light sources
4.2. Ballasts and control gear
4.3. Luminaires / light fittings
4.4. Advanced daylighting
4.5. Intelligent lighting controls
5. Guidelines for improved lighting design
5.1. Sales areas5.2. Display windows
5.3. Ancillary spaces
5.4. External spaces
6. Conclusions
Appendix: Checklist for refurbishment

A4 68pp, 15 line drawings, 65 photos