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Lessons from AIMC4 for cost-effective, fabric-first, low-energy housing (4-part set) IP 9/13 - DOWNLOADABLE VERSION

Lessons from AIMC4 for cost-effective, fabric-first, low-energy housing (4-part set) IP 9/13 - DOWNLOADABLE VERSION

by P Cartwright, C Gaze, A Tilford and C Corfe (30-Aug-2013)

Book Description

This IP 9/13 4-part set is available as a FREE pdf download only and is NOT available in hardcopy format.

Explore the lessons learned from the AIMC4 experience of volume production of low-energy homes without the use renewable energy. This 4-part set of BRE Information Papers discusses the supply chain, technical specifications, value to the end user and process efficiencies.


IP 9/13 part1

The concept
The challenge
Project aims
The development sites and homes developed
Structure and process for successful management and delivery
Project delivery
Developing the technical specification
Supply chain
Understanding value and applying lean techniques
Post-construction evaluation
Lessons learned
The project partners

IP 9/13 part 2
The supply chain development process
The supplier search
The pre-qualification questionnaire
The 'sandpits'
Tendering against generic specifications
Final tendering for the AIMC4 homes
Commercial analysis and further developing the supply chain
Lessons learnedReferences

IP 9/13 part 3
Key technologies
-Superstructure (Timber frame. Thin-joint masonry. Structural insulated panels)
-Floor insulation
-Roof insulation
-Windows and doorsHot water
-Waste water heat recoveryVentilation and airtightness
Lighting and heating controls
Lessons learned

IP 9/13 part 4
BRE's lean improvement tools and techniques
Application of lean techniques at key stages
Understanding value from the outset of the project
Product supplier Design for Assembly lean workshops focusing on technology type-Lean design
Site-based collaborative planning with the supply chain
-What is collaborative planning?
-Collaborative planning on AIMC4 projects
-Output and resultsSite-based construction process measurement
-What is CaliBRE?
-What is SMARTAudit?
-Data collection on site (Productivity. Efficiency. Process issues analysis. Material waste)
Post-construction appraisal of the construction process
Lessons learned

A4, 38pp

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