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New requirements for fire detection and alarm network systems (IP 12/13)

New requirements for fire detection and alarm network systems (IP 12/13)

by Eman Mattie-Suleiman (30-Sep-2013)


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Book Description

This Information Paper will enable specifiers and fire detection and alarm systems designers to choose the most appropriate hard-wired network systems for installation in buildings and still maintain compliance with the European Construction Products Regulation (the CPR) and the British Code of Practice, BS 5839-1. In addition, it will highlight the new requirements for network systems which have been developed and incorporated within an LPS standard. 
Different types of fire detection and fire alarm systems are available on the market and the selection of the appropriate system will depend on a number of factors including: - building size- complexity of the action(s) to be taken due to a fire event within a building- reliability- cost of the system and its installation.  

Background-Introduction of network systems
-Network architecture and topology
Reasons for networking fire detection and alarm systems
-Cost reduction
Current requirements for fire detection network systems
-BS 5839-1
-EN 54-13
New fire detection and alarm system network requirements
-Hierarchical network system
-Distributed CIE
-Complex systems
-CIE function sharing in networked systemsDefinitions of network and terminologies used

A4, 12pp, 12 drawings, 1 photo