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Steel framed and steel clad houses: inspection and assessment  (Scanned copy)

Steel framed and steel clad houses: inspection and assessment (Scanned copy)

by Harrison H W. (31-Mar-1987)

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Please note that this is a scanned copy, so the text is not as clear as in documents created as pdf files.

The report identifies locations where steel is vulnerable to corrosion, and gives general advice on the likely integrity and future durability of protection systems, and the rate at which unprotected steel might corrode in the future. The report should be read in conjunction with the reports on individual systems published by BRE. Most corrosion encountered so far in the inspections has been of a superficial nature. However, there are a few dwellings where corrosion in particular parts of the construction is more advanced. Corroded rolled steel, where it occurs, is relatively easy to cut away and replace with standard sections. The majority of steel houses are expected to give good performance into the foreseeable future, and should have a life on a par with rehabilitated dwellings in conventional construction. 66 pages.

Includes: A G B Modular 6, Adams Housing Syndicate, Arcal, Arcon Mk V, Arrowhead Housing, Atherton, Atholl, Bell-Livett, Birmingham Corporation, Blyth, Braby, Bracpress, Braithwaite Unit Framed House, British Housing, British Iron and Steel Federation House, Canister Housing, Chamelion, Connell, Clip Slab, Cornes, Coventry Corporation, Cowieson, Crane, Cranwell, Cruden, Crux, Cubitt, Cussins, Cussins/Cornes, Denis Poulton, Dennis, Dennis-Wild, Dorlonco, Doxford, Duplex, Falkiner Nuttal, Fincast, Formula, Gateshead Corporation, Gee Walker & Slater, Grid Housing, Hawthorne Leslie, Hills, Hitchins, Homeville Industrialised, Homeville System, Howard, Ibis, IDX-20, Index Home, Integer, Keyhouse Unibuilt, Korbel, Leeds Corporation, Livett Cartwright, Lowton Cubitt, Lynn, 5M, 5M Clasp, Mark, Marnel, Minox, Modform, Modular Housing, Modular 6, Modulow, Mucklow Plan, New Georgian, Nissen Petren , Northern Ideal Homesteads, Nuttall Mk I, Nuttall Mk II, Open System Building, Paragon, Plasteel, Poulson, Poulton, Presweld, Procol, Prowting Rigid, Quality, Reith, Resiform, RFC, Rigid Frame Construction, Riley, R M Housing, Roften Industrialised Houses, Rubery Owen, SASB Type R4, Seco, Simms C-DA, Steane, Stewart & Lloyd, Stuart, Swiftplan Multiflex H, Swiftplan Multiflex S, Symplex , T & N House, Telford, Tourba Construction Co, Thorncliffe, Trusteel, Turner & Newall, Universal Type 1, Walflor, Weir Douglas, Weir House, Weir Paragon, Weir Quality, and WH.

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