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The structural condition of Wimpey No-Fines low-rise dwellings (Scanned copy)

ARCHIVED - The structural condition of Wimpey No-Fines low-rise dwellings (Scanned copy)

by Reeves B R, Martin G R. (01-Jan-1989)

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Whilst this publication can still be purchased some of the information in it has been superseded by more recent research and standards. The BRE Group does not accept any responsibility whatsoever for any loss or damage, including - without limitation - indirect or consequential loss or damage arising from use, or loss of use, of data or profits arising out of, or in connection with, the use of this document.

NB This pdf is a scanned copy of the original report so is not as clear as pdfs created as such.

This Report describes the Wimpey No-Fines (WNF) construction of walls in dwellings. From the mid-1940s onwards George Wimpey & Co Ltd built more than 300,000 dwellings that used no-fines concrete. Various types of Wimpey No-Fines bungalows, houses and low-rise blocks of flats and maisonettes were produced, ranging in height from one to six storeys. This report describes the basic method of construction and the results of inspections of sample properties.

42 pages.

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