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BRE Trust Review 2012 (AP 296) DOWNLOADABLE

BRE Trust Review 2012 (AP 296) DOWNLOADABLE

by BRE Trust (09-Sep-2013)

Book Description

The BRE Trust Review 2012 presents a summary of the year’s activities and achievements. The main focus is on short papers from BRE, BRE Global and the five BRE Centres of Excellence, summarising research projects funded by BRE Trust in 2012. The papers demonstrate the breadth and scope of the research that is being supported by the Trust.

BRE Trust highlights of 2012Foreword to the BRE Trust Research Programme
- High-value, low CO2 alkali-activated concrete products  
- Novel advanced cellulose composites from landfill waste  
- BRE Centre of Excellence for Innovative Construction Materials, University of Bath (Assessment of calcium sulfoaluminate and supersulfated cements for use in concrete)

- Fourth generation district heating  
- BRE Centre of Excellence in Energy Utilisation, University of Strathclyde (Inverse dynamics-based energy assessment and simulation [IDEAS]; A component-based air source heat pump model for building simulation; Control of future autonomous offices with integrated advanced lighting networks; A robust method for benchmarking energy performance in multi-tenant office buildings)

Fire and security
- The performance of cavity barriers in external wall constructions incorporating combustible materials
- Development of improved testing methods for toxic hazards in fires
- Integrated Fire Resistance Test Methodology for natural fibre-reinforced polymers
- The non-intrusive examination of buildings for fire safety risk assessment
- BRE Centre of Excellence in Fire Safety Engineering, University of Edinburgh (Uncertainty and complexity in pyrolysis modelling; Application of fire calorimetry to understand factors affecting flammability of cellulosic material: pine needles, tree leaves and chipboard)

- Sustainable substructures
- Updating the BRE standard house types used for SAP and BREDEM modelling
- BRE Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Design of the Built Environment, Cardiff University (Situated learning in the context of low-carbon design)

- Comparison of UK and China sustainable building assessment methodologies
- Green Deal and Refurbishment Performance Gap
- Alpha Factor sustainable performance-improvement benchmarking tool for the corporate sector
- Energy Zone programme: Future cities and smart energy management
- BRE Centre of Excellence in Sustainable Engineering, Cardiff University 

Publications programme
Foreword to the BRE Trust Research Programme
- BRE Trust publications in 2012
About BRE Trust 

A4, 108pp, 51 drawings, 42 photos

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