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Delivering water efficiency in commercial buildings: A guide for facilities managers (IP 6/14) DOWNLOAD

Delivering water efficiency in commercial buildings: A guide for facilities managers (IP 6/14) DOWNLOAD

by Tom Taylor (13-Jun-2014)

Book Description

This Information Paper provides targeted guidance on how to deliver water efficiency savings through improved facilities management. It is the latest in a series of BRE publications providing guidance for facilities managers, maintenance contractors and building owners on a number of issues relating to the operation and management of commercial buildings.Whilst often seen as secondary to energy efficiency, the importance of improving water efficiency should not be underestimated, particularly with water shortages on the increase due to the growing demand for fresh water supplies and the increasing variability of weather patterns as a result of climate change. In addition to alleviating pressure on water resources, reducing demand through improving water efficiency and sourcing water from alternative supplies (where possible) will also help to improve resilience by making a building less susceptible to water shortages, and help to cut running costs by reducing water, waste water and energy bills.This publication will provide the reader with an overview of how to determine water consumption and establish a building’s water efficiency performance. It provides guidance on how to ensure that all water systems are operating as intended and how to identify causes of poor water efficiency. As a result of reading this Information Paper, the reader will gain an understanding of some of the key issues that impact on water efficiency and be able to identify opportunities for making water efficiency savings.

Water-consumption monitoring and benchmarking
Water efficiency and maintenance
-Regular maintenance
User engagement
Investing in water efficiency
-Water-distribution systems
-Low-flow water fittings and equipment (General. Taps. Showers. WCs. Urinals)
-Rainwater and greywater harvesting

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