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Fire risk in high-rise and super high-rise buildings: Prevention and mitigation (DG 533)

Fire risk in high-rise and super high-rise buildings: Prevention and mitigation (DG 533)

by David Charters, Roisin Cullinan and Emma Warren (21-Aug-2014)


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This Digest provides practical information and guidance on the nature of fire risk in high-rise and super high-rise buildings and how it can be adequately assessed and mitigated against. The Digest reviews several major fire incidents in high-rise buildings and fire statistics before presenting theoretical and quantitative analysis of fire risks in high-rise buildings. This guidance is intended mainly for designers (architects and engineers), approval authorities such as building approvers and fire officers, as well as those responsible for owning, operating and insuring high-rise buildings.

The nature of high-rise buildings
Existing guidance for fire safety in high-rise buildings
Fire events in high-rise buildings
Examples of high-rise building fire events
One Meridian Plaza, Philadelphia, 1991
World Trade Center, New York, 2001
Cook County Administration Building, Chicago, 2003
Windsor Tower Fire, Madrid, 2005
Analysis of fire risks in high-rise buildings
Risk as a function of the height of a building
Analysis of fire statistics
Computer model for fire risk in high-rise buildings
Results of analysis
Findings and conclusions

A4, 12pp, 4 drawings, 8 photos

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